Mosaic Technology is pleased to announce their recent partnership with HP. Mosaic has recognized HP for a long time as a very large install base as well as customer base, and feel that it is a great fit for their current as well as future customers.

Mosaic’s most recent product line is HP’s Renew Program which offers an approved and vender supported cost effective alternative to buying new equipment. However, unlike other Renew Programs, HP’s comes with the same warranty and support that the new systems come with.

In the time of reduced capital expenditures and budgets, the HP Renew Program gives customers an alternative to buying brand new current generation equipment.

Mosaic’s partnership with HP is completely customer driven. In today’s IT environment, 80 percent of IT budgets are consumed by legacy and last generation Systems. Mosaic is constantly working with their customers to support these growing needs and solutions.

HP Renew products are factory sealed from HP, carry up to a 3-year HP warranty, and come in like new condition. Additionally, Mosaic is able to create end-to-end solutions for its customers that integrate best-of-breed technology from partners like HP to meet today’s real world challenges.

Mosaic offers the custom configuration, presale support, as well as a worldwide distribution channel to distribute the product. It is a best of both worlds situation – with the HP Renew Program you are receiving the same products from HP at a reduced rate, along with an exceptional level of support from Mosaic.

Want to learn more about how you can save money for your company, while maintaining your legacy environments? Contact a Mosaic representative today.