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In today’s world of IT support services, support companies need to broaden their capabilities to meet the ever changing IT environments. These expanded services usually mean adding man power, subject matter experts and capital expenditures. The third party service companies, and even the large OEMs, are already constrained by reduced budgets. That is why Mosaic Technology has become a key player in assisting third party service companies and OEMs alike…

Planning and Procurement
Mosaic Technology has many years of experience in planning spare parts for the service industry. We have dedicated employees that have worked in the service industry themselves, and understand the parts that are needed to support a contract. Our extensive network of dealers and trade services allow us to purchase those parts from all over the world at the most competitive prices, allowing us to pass those savings onto the service company.

Rent to Own Spares
Mosaic understands the expense of purchasing spare parts for a contract, so we offer a program that spreads the cost over the length of the contract. Then at the end of the contract, we will assist in remarketing the excess or un-needed asset.

Warehousing/Logistics/Reverse Logistics-Depot Repair
Mosaic already provides warehousing services for a few IT companies, where we store, test and ship their parts and systems. We can ship at a moment’s notice, and have the processes in place to make it look like the product came directly from your warehouse. Additionally, our depot parts service will send parts to the designated location with a return shipping label for the defective part.

Test and Repair (Asset Recovery)
All parts and systems are fully tested and documented before shipping. We will supply those results to ensure the quality of the parts and systems. As one of our green initiatives, we will repair any defective parts or systems to a full functioning condition.

Data Sanitization
Customers are very concerned about corporate data falling into the wrong hands. We clean storage devices to DOD 5220.22M standards and guaranty data device destruction on defective storage devices.

Upgrade Programs
Who best to offer customers memory, CPU, Disk, HBA and other upgrades to existing infrastructure than their trusted maintenance provider? Add product revenue/margin as well as installation and maintenance revenue. Let us design a program for you and your existing customer base.


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