Services - Mosaic Technology

Mosaic Technology provides refurbished and used servers, storage, systems, and spare equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide. Our corporate facility in Salem, NH, contains a fully operational technical laboratory with dedicated expert technicians that utilize diagnostic tools for equipment maintenance, repairs, data sanitization, custom configurations and much more. Our extensive knowledge, resources, and service offerings eliminate logistical headaches and get you up and running quickly.

Learn more about the cost savings and benefits of buying refurbished servers and storage by downloading the whitepaper: The Case for Pre-owned and Refurbished Hardware

Custom configurations

Mosaic can build systems to your exact specifications. Our extensive inventory and technical expertise give you unsurpassed flexibility in choosing and configuring a system. You define exactly what you need and we’ll build it, ship it, and save you time and money.

Buyback/trade-in programs

Mosaic’s trade-in program is a great way to recycle aging or excess hardware. We’ll give you market value on your older or ‘coming-off lease’ equipment. We can also safely dispose of your old gear.

Data sanitation

Mosaic uses a consistent, auditable process for data sanitization. Using Department of Defense standards, we can securely destroy data on old or legacy disk drives. We provide documentation certifying that data was destroyed to meet your compliance requirements.

Crating and shipping

We have two warehouses full of inventory. That means we can crate and quickly ship your product on a completed order anywhere in the world.

Onsite maintenance

Mosaic refurnished products all came with a warranty. We also offer complete maintenance programs for our used products and for your entire datacenter. If you currently have your hardware under manufacturer’s maintenance there’s a good chance we can save you thousands of dollars annually. You can select any level of maintenance up to, and including, 24/7/365.