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Data deduplication is an effective way to reduce storage space in a backup/archiving environment and can achieve compression ratios ranging from 10-to-1 to 50-to-1. Deduplication eliminates redundant data and ensures that only one instance of the data is actually retained on storage media such as disk or tape. Redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy. There are two primary methods of data deduplication:

  • Block and bit data deduplication looks within a file and save unique iterations of each block. If the file is updated, only changed data is saved. This makes block and bit deduplication far more efficient in terms of actual storage space saved.
  • File level data deduplication (also known as single instance storage) is less efficient than block and bit deduplication because a change of a single bit results in totally different copy of the entire file being stored. If two files are exactly alike, one copy is stored and subsequent iterations receive pointers to the saved file.

In either case, you need to decide the best point to initiate a data deduplication solution: at the source, in-line, or post processing. Each has pros and cons depending on your specific requirements and environment.

Get started with a free Data Deduplication Discovery Session: A free evaluation by a Mosaic Data Management specialist can help you outline a data deduplication initiative in terms of scope, timing, and budget.

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Proven Data Deduplication Technology

Mosaic works with you to plan, design, build, and implement a solution using the industry’s most trusted data deduplication systems and software.

Commvault Data Deduplication


The latest release of CommVault’s Simpana software offers hardware-independent data deduplication and lets you store and retrieve de-duped data on existing disk and tape systems. Simpana lets you scale your solution easily with application modules for Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Resource Management, and Search. Learn more by downloading the free whitepaper: Unlocking the Value of Global Deduplication for Enterprise Data Management

Data Domain Data Deduplication

Data Domain

Data Domain’s fast, inline data deduplication and compression technology, Global Compression, offers an average 20x data reduction for backup images, enabling cost-efficient, long-term retention.

ExaGrid Data Deduplication


ExaGrid offers a highly scalable disk-based backup system that works with your existing backup application and combines high quality SATA storage, compression and byte-level data deduplication to reduce the disk space required for backup by a range of 10 to 50:1.

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“The Mosaic Sales Engineer was very knowledgeable about the range of technology solutions available. He knew their strengths and weaknesses and he did an excellent job matching up solutions to my technical and budget requirements.”
Matt Pasquale
MIS Manager
Holyoke Health Center

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