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Mimosa NearPoint provides complete disaster recovery of Exchange to the primary Exchange Server using the base NearPoint product or to a stand-by Exchange Server using the Mimosa NearPoint DR Option. Either way, administrators enjoy the speed of recovering an entire Exchange database at disk-to-disk speeds with simple “point-and-click” operations. To assist with rapid disaster recovery, administrators use NearPoint to define disaster failover policies to automate the entire failover process.

NearPoint is a continuous data protection solution that copies the Exchange database(s) and stores it on the NearPoint server. NearPoint continuously updates these copies with transaction log data without impacting Exchange Server using a process it calls One Pass Protection. With One Pass Protection, all valuable Exchange email information is protected. In the event of a catastrophic database failure or a single mailbox or message is deleted by mistake, NearPoint performs fast, reliable Exchange recovery with zero data loss.

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Restore of Individual Mailbox/Message

Individual mailbox backup using legacy tape backup solutions is an extremely time consuming process and for most organizations, simply isn’t viable. Having the ability to restore an individual mailbox with tape backup usually requires two separate backup passes. The first pass protects Exchange at the database level, but this doesn’t allow for granular mailbox or message level restores. The second pass goes through each mailbox on an Exchange server, traversing message by message using MAPI, is an unscalable, slow and resource intensive effort.

NearPoint’s One Pass Protection provides the simplicity of continuous database level protection, with the flexibility of performing individual mailbox restores. Administrators have the flexibility to restore an entire mailbox from the MMC console, without seeing the content of individual messages. Using NearPoint, a simple request to restore a mailbox of an ex-employee can be handled in seconds. Want to attach an employee’s mailbox to his boss – done! Need to provide copy of an entire mailbox to legal for discovery – all handled in seconds with NearPoint.

Self-Service Message Restore

Business users are empowered by the NearPoint Self-Service Access, enabling fingertip access to individual messages across time, resulting in improved productivity and higher quality of decision making. The Mimosa self-service recovery capability, enabled by the administrator, is intuitive and offers easy access to accidentally deleted and old messages. Mimosa NearPoint is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA). End-users click on the “Mimosa Archive” folder from within Outlook or OWA and have instant access to all of their mailbox data. Message headers, bodies and attachments are full-text indexed to enable powerful and fast searches across vast amounts of email data.

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