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Linear Technology operates a manufacturing facility in Camas, Washington and maintains corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California. The manufacturing plant operates 24/7 in a nearly paperless “clean” environment. Like any modern manufacturing facility, most factory systems are automated. Thus, if systems go down or the IT infrastructure is compromised, manufacturing grinds to a halt.

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town of hudson

Grappling with the same economic challenges as many communities throughout the country, the Town of Hudson consolidated its IT department. The new team, of only three employees, inherited a legacy network infrastructure that had not been modernized in more than a decade. The network architecture was based on equipment from Digital Equipment Corporation, which was acquired by Compaq Corporation in 1998. The town offices and connection to the broader State systems was based on a 10-megabit Ethernet network, as well as slower building-to-building interconnectivity. The town struggled to keep pace with growing demand for file sharing and online services…

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OTT Communications

OTT Communications has grown steadily over the past ten years. Today, the company now provides telecommunication services to businesses and consumers including hosted PBX, high-speed Internet, collocation, and residential bundles. The company’s growth also lead to the necessary growth in its IT infrastructure and increased complexity in its operating environment. Additionally, as the rapid changes in telecommunications meant that new products and services were being steadily delivered to the company’s subscribers.

By 2007, OTT Communications was operating hundreds of physical servers, some with direct-attached storage and others with network storage. As the company’s steady growth was across multiple geographic regions in Maine, it wasn’t utilizing all the available processing and memory resources, but was spending significant resources on electricity and facilities.

In order to avoid a painful experience, OTT Communications implemented a virtual environment throughout its datacenters in Maine with Mosaic Technology – without involving the solution partners.

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The rigorous demands of the technology environments within the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy meant that the information services team needed every available minute during the summer semester to update the computer systems. This process required a lengthy period of research, planning and physical installation that inevitably encountered problems. Additionally, with a growing user population, the cost to support this high-tech educational environment was becoming unwieldy.

Further, for the college, its research, data, and applications are its lifeblood. As the first institute of higher education in Boston, the college has a strong heritage of leadership in advanced learning and technological innovation. MCPHS determined it needed to strengthen its disaster recovery systems to protect its critical assets.

MCPHS strives to keep its operational costs contained and relies heavily on its small IT staff to optimize the student learning experience. MCPHS augments its internal team with critical partners. The college had worked previously with Mosaic Technology on its storage environment and had seen firsthand Mosaic’s dedication to its customer’s success.

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VMC discovered that EqualLogic’s PS series offered a complete hardware/software solution that was simple to install and easy to manage. Unlike other storage arrays considered, the PS Series comes complete with all software features needed to create and run a storage area network. There was no need to purchase additional software or professional services to benefit from the included data management and protection features such as replication.

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The virtualization solution that HHC and Mosaic developed included VMware, an iSCSI SAN, Servers, supporting software. Implementation was provided by Mosaic Professional Services.

HHC needed to acquire additional servers for two sites – Holyoke and Chicopee MA. They also needed to add storage capacity, and a backup solution. The two sites presented an opportunity to set up a disaster recovery environment. This all needed to be done within a defined budget.

The initial driver for virtualization at HHC was Disaster Recovery. As Mosaic and HHC mapped out supporting infrastructure, supporting technologies were evaluated: storage, replication, physical servers, and backup.

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“We simply outgrew the capacity of our tape library and we constantly had to feed it tapes just to complete nightly backups,” said Richard Booth, Network Manager at the North Kingstown School Department. “We knew we needed a new solution and began looking around at alternatives.”

Part of that search included a seminar hosted by Mosaic Technology and ExaGrid Systems. The seminar highlighted ExaGrid’s data deduplication technology. It was during that seminar that Mosaic and North Kingstown began working together.

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Mosaic’s team using Orvis business, budget, and technology objectives – designed a virtualization plan based on VMware Virtual Center. The initial implementation consolidated 20 physical servers into three VMware ESX servers. As is Mosaic’s practice, substantial training and knowledge transfer occurred during the entire process.

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RRMC IT was under considerable pressure to solve a variety of inter-related issues. They needed to establish a secondary disaster recovery site where the mission-critical SAN would be replicated.

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Celerasys enlisted Mosaic Technology to help determine data storage alternatives. Mosaic’s expertise in data management and storage technologies streamlined the decision making process for Celerasys.

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As with every customer, Mosaic’s technical sales team worked to understand the specifics of the situation in terms of business needs, technical requirements and budget restraints. By taking this wide view approach Mosaic was able to offer a more comprehensive solution than simple storage.

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