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Exchange Data Management

Why Traditional Methods – Tape, Disk, and Archiving Fall Short. E-mail has grown from nice utility to business critical application. Legal and regulatory requirements are forcing companies to retain and manage a large and growing volume of e-mail for longer periods. The cost — in both dollars and resources — is rising dramatically. In “Exchange […]

F5 – Hardware Load Balancing for Optimal Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Performance

According to a study conducted by Ferris Research in 2008 i Microsoft Exchange Server holds approximately 65 percent market share in email and communications across all organizations. In healthcare organizations with more than 5,000 employees, it enjoys 75 percent penetration; in telecommunications organizations with at least 1,000 employees, it does even better, garnering a 90 […]

iSCSI Basics: A Practical Introduction

iSCSI has the potential to change the data storage landscape. It’s a straightforward discussion of the technology and where it fits. In this guide we cover such topics as: How iSCSI works Where does iSCSI fit in the Enterprise Can it co-exist with Fibre Channel Why iSCSI? Clearly witten and jargon free, “iSCSI Basics” is […]

The Case for Pre-owned and Refurbished Computer Hardware

There are a wide range of companies offering used computer equipment. You need to apply due diligence selecting a source company for used gear. Research and references are essential – as well as the ability of the company to deliver. If a deal appears to be too good to be true – it just might […]

VMware Basics – Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring

While simple in concept, VMware is complex. It contains components that make virtualization possible and quite manageable in limited configurations. However when you begin to expand into multiple ESX servers and multiple virtual machines competing for resources – effective management becomes an issue. That‘s why initial capacity planning and on-going performance monitoring are essential to […]

VMware Insights – Backup and Recovery Implications

What they they don’t tell you about VMware backup Virtualization gives companies new ways to deploy and manage application architectures.VMware lets you take management and virtualization to the next level with their latest release of VMware Infrastructure 3. While most people initially look at VMware from a server consolidation perspective you soon discover that virtualization […]


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