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Reduce risk, lower costs, and speed time-to-rollout with Mosaic’s expert IT Professional Services and Support. From building a strategy to implementing, managing, and maintaining your information infrastructure, Mosaic offers expert guidance and support they can recommend the best business solutions like those available at Technology Evaluation Centers.

Discovery Sessions

Mosaic Discovery Sessions are free. They provide an independent perspective on your IT operation and can help you make informed decisions about virtualization, email management, and data management. A senior Mosaic Sales Engineer will help you determine the approach that best meets your technical, business, and budget goals.

Jumpstart Programs

Mosaic Jumpstart programs get you and your IT team up and running with new technologies in just two to three days. These concentrated knowledge transfer sessions ensure that your configurations are accurate, you understand implementation procedures, and you can independently manage your new technology.

Solution Design and Implementation Planning

With the right plan, the chances of success increase dramatically. Mosaic has designed and implemented IT solutions for companies of all sizes. We can help you clearly identify the problem; work with you to develop a cost-effective solution; identify and acquire solution components; and guide you through a complete working implementation.

Infrastructure Health Checks

A Mosaic Infrastructure Health Check provides a thorough, objective assessment of your IT infrastructure at a detailed technical and operational level. We identify what’s working, what needs immediate attention, and opportunities for longer-term improvements. And we give you actionable recommendations.

White Glove Refurbished Services

Mosaic can help you extend the life of your legacy equipment We offer an extensive selection of hard-to-find parts and refurbished systems. If you need to dispose of older storage systems, we offer data sanitization and chain-of-custody documentation. And we can purchase your older or excess systems at market value.


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