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Every company has unique datacenter requirements, challenges, and goals. We understand that what works in one environment won’t meet the needs of another. That’s why our Sales Engineers take the time to understand your current infrastructure and work with you to develop a solution that is the best fit for your environment and your objectives.

  • Solution Design begins with an assessment by one of our sales engineers. We get to know your environment and work with you to articulate and define your objectives.
  • We identify hardware, software, and services to meet your objectives. We also provide deployment recommendations, ROI analysis, and an architecture overview as appropriate.
  • We follow industry best practices to design a solution that aligns with your technological, business, and budgetary goals-but is also scalable enough to adapt to future requirements.
  • A detailed implantation plan and schedule minimizes impact on operations and gets your staff trained at the same time. We test, validate, configure, and integrate all aspects of the project.

Our experience lets us be clinical and objective. We know the available technologies and can map your need to an appropriate solution without relying on any one product.

Whether you are considering virtualization or reengineering your storage, backup, archiving, disaster recovery systems, you can be assured that the solution we provide will be tailored for your datacenter, and not a “cookie cutter” design.


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